Grindinio šildymo mazgas ICMA M058 UPM3 Hybrid 25/70


Grindinio šildymo mazgas ICMA M058 Grindinio šildymo mazgas ICMA M058 UPM3 Hybrid 25/70



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Art. M058
Mixing group with fixed point regulating unit, circulating pump and thermostatic head 20°-
50°C with remote sensor. Fixed point valve, adjustable flow rate optimising the flow to the
panels. Boiler delivery on left lower side, return on lower side. 1” delivery/return for
radiant panel systems. Safety thermostat P310 not included.

PWM signal cable not included. To be purchased separately (see page 201) when
connected to a controller with PWM signal.

Fixed point mixing unit with delivery to boiler on the lower left side and return to boiler at bottom includes:
1) Thermostat control device (20-50°C) with remote sensor
2) Fixed point thermostatic valve
3) Holder for fluid return to boiler
4) Automatic air vent valve
5) Circulator
6) Thermometers (0-60°C)
7) Sensor slot
8) Valve for system delivery/discharge
9) G1” pipe unions with O-Ring seal for collector
Boiler circuit connections: G½” Female
Collector connections: G1” Male
Can be installed either on the left or right side of collectors.
The pre-assembled units are supplied with three different pump models: